X-Men Gold TP Vol 02 Evil Empires

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AUG171030 (W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Lan Medina, Luke Ross (A/CA) Ken Lashley Will Hydra's Secret Empire tarnish the Gold team? When Manhattan is besieged, the X-Men open their doors as a safe haven for any human or mutant. But little do they know that one of the refugees they've welcomed in is the all-new X-Cutioner! Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde has sworn off men named Peter. But as she and her first love - Piotr Rasputin, A.K.A. Colossus - are caught in dire straits, will she go back on her word? Colossus and his sister Magik have a mission to pursue in their homeland of Russia - where Omega Red lies in wait! What does his return have to do with a relative the Rasputins thought long lost? And the X-Men are on the verge of discovering the truth about Kleevus, the mystery member of the latest Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Collecting X-MEN GOLD #7-12. Rated T+In Shops: Nov 15, 2017SRP: $17.99

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