Iron Man Industrial Revolution Prem HC

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SKU JAN110833
(A) Steve Kurth (CA) Juan Doe
Penciled by STEVE KURTH
Cover by JUAN DOE
Come back with us to a time when Tony Stark lost his company and his fortune to his greatest enemy, Obadiah Stane. Forced to rebuild a new company from scratch, Tony arrives in a rundown Los Angeles neighborhood - and brings the people jobs, hope and a new beginning. But unknown to Tony, this district is under the iron thumb of the super villain lords of L.A.: the Pride! The Runaways' super-powered parents will do everything they can to destroy this new enterprise, but this is Tony Stark they're messing with here. And he - and the people he's inspired - won't give up the streets without a fight! Collecting IRON MAN LEGACY #6-11.
144 PGS./Rated T+

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