Hunt For Wolverine TP Adamantium Agenda

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SEP181010 (W) Charles Soule, Tom Taylor (A) David Marquez, Paulo Siqueira, R. B. Silva (CA) Greg Land Where's Wolverine? And will the New Avengers be the ones to find him? The metallic snikt of Wolverine's claws is a sound that once made the blood of wrongdoers run cold - and one that some of Logan's best friends want to ensure is never used for evil! Keeping a promise made between heroes, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage reassemble to make sure that Wolverine's body isn't being misused. But the erstwhile New Avengers will soon uncover a deep-state conspiracy that leads to a shocking DNA discovery - and someone else with a vested interest in Logan's genes! As things take a turn for the sinister, the New Avengers uncover a completely different that will cast a long, dark shadow over the X-Men! Collecting HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 and HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #1-4. Parental Advisory In Shops: Dec 05, 2018 SRP: $14.99

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